Sediment Dewatering Applications

The SmartFeed™ patent-pending chemical conditioning system for slurry dewatering reduces costs and increases efficiency for virtually every sediment dewatering project that calls for polymers. Traditional sludge, slurry and sediment dewatering methods often rely on the use of polymers to bind sediment particles together and form flocs. These flocs can then be more easily filtered or settled out of the slurry. But traditional methods of polymer dosing can be inefficient and costly, as it can be difficult to determine the optimal polymer dosage for a particular sediment slurry.

The SmartFeed™ systems solves this challenge by using real-time data to calculate and adjust the optimal polymer dosage. This ensures that the polymer is always applied at the correct level, resulting in consistent and efficient sediment dewatering.

Below we explore common applications and benefits of SmartFeed™ for sediment dewatering projects.

Diving & Dredged Sediments

The SmartFeed™ System is especially appropriate for use in dredged sediments dewatering projects, as well as for polymer injection dewatering projects that involve dredged sediments / sludge / slurry.

It processes dredged solids at real-time pumping rates, ensuring that the polymer mix remains correct even when there are fluctuations in flow rate and percent dry solids.

The UMPS SmartFeed™ system has been employed successfully in hundreds of dredging projects, including a project in which there was no available lay-down area for the Geotube® containers.

Using barges to hold each Geotube® container, divers were able to properly condition dredging with the SmartFeed™ system, reducing an estimated 53 barges of dredged material to one barge, and achieving a 66 percent dry solids capture rate. Read more about that project 

Mining & Mineral Recapture

The SmartFeed™ system has proven its value to mining concerns, especially when maximizing the recapture of materials from tailings has been of concern to the project’s owners.

Kennecott Utah Copper has employed the SmartFeed™ system with great success, and other mining concerns worldwide have expressed interest in the technology not only for assistance in meeting environmental goals, but to help maximize profits from mining operations.

Power Plants & Utilities

When environmental regulations and good corporate citizenship require maximum dry solids capture, the SmartFeed™ system is a major step in reaching your goals.

The patent-pending technology and strong science of the SmartFeed™ system ensure that your project uses the right polymers and the correct dosing rates to maximize the performance of your Geotube® dewatering project, ensuring predictable costs, speeding up performance of your project, reducing dewatering time, and providing full performance reporting for each Geotube® container in the project!

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If your project calls for polymers, it almost certainly can benefit from the SmartFeed™ Steps To Success. This patent-pending technology greatly increases the efficiency and efficacy of chemically conditioned slurry or sludge dewatering, helping to keep your sediment dewatering project on time, on budget and in its predicted performance range.

Contact our experts today and learn more about SmartFeed™ for sediment dewatering of sludge and slurry. We look forward to hearing about your project goals and customizing a sediment dewatering plan that will meet your needs.