Geotube® Dewatering Technology

The patent-pending SmartFeed™ system relies upon TenCate™ Geotube® textiles — the only ISO-compliant engineered textiles that can help ensure proper project performance.

Each Geotube® container is custom-manufactured to meet your project’s needs

Manufactured in Georgia, Geotube® engineered textiles are widely recognized as the finest dewatering textiles made worldwide.

Created to exact standards and custom-woven for your dewatering project, Geotube® containers are the only dewatering textiles that can help ensure your investment in chemically conditioned slurry dewatering meets the expectations set forth by the Geotube® Estimators and our Rapid Dewatering Test (RDT) and Pressure-Geotube® Dewatering Test (P-GDT).

Benefits of Geotube® Dewatering Technology

While specific benefits may vary depending on the project requirements and site conditions, GeoTube® dewatering technology offers several advantages, including:

  • Efficient dewatering of sludge, sediment and other fine-grained materials, allowing for the separation of water from solids
  • Cost-effective – compared to traditional dewatering methods, such as drying beds, Geotube® dewatering is often more cost-efficient due to lower equipment and operational costs
  • Versatility – Geotube® dewatering technology can be used for a wide range of applications, including shoreline protection, sediment control, wastewater treatment, and more
  • Rapid installation – Geotube® dewatering technology systems can be quickly deployed and installed, providing a time-efficient solution for dewatering projects
  • Environmental protection – Geotube® dewatering technology serves as a containment system, preventing the release of dewatered materials into the surrounding environment, minimizing risk of contamination and ensures compliance with environmental regulations

To learn more about Geotube® technology and TenCate™, the manufacturer of Geotube® engineered textiles, visit their Web site.

Excellence in Geotube® Technology

Underwater Mineral Processing leverages advanced Geotube® dewatering technology from TenCate™ to help achieve effective containment and minimize environmental impact. To learn more about Geotube® technology and TenCate™, the manufacturer of Geotube® engineered textiles, visit their web site.

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