Dewatering and Containment Solutions
For Industrial Environments

TenCate™ Geotube© containers are fabricated from specially engineered, high-strength polyproplene textiles. This fabric has a unique design, creating small pores to confine the grains of the contained material. The tubes can be filled with fine-grain sludge, hazardous contaminated soils or dredged waste materials.

Excess water drains from the Geotube® container through the pores in the fabric, which results in effective dewatering and volume reduction. In most cases the decanted water is of a quality that can be returned to native waterways or reused.

After the final cycle of filling and dewatering, the retained materials will continue to consolidate as the water vapor escapes through the pores in the Geotube® container.

SmartFeed™ Chemical Conditioning Systems

This SmartFeed™ system is a process control for slurry dewatering that saves time and money when employed in Geotube® projects.

Chemicals are injected via an inline static mixer provided as a part of the Smartfeed™ system for dredge pipe diameters 8” through 3”. The system also uses a solids density meter and flow meter to attain constant, real-time monitoring of total solids.A two-part chemical program is available if necessary to attain the highest dewaterability of the product.

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Why TenCate™ Is The Largest Provider Of Textile Dewatering Containers
  • TenCate™ is a vertical manufacturer. It extrudes fiber, weaves fabrics and has a dedicated fabrication facility. If you visit TenCate™, you’ll see why Geotube® containers are specified more than any other textile container.
  • Verify that your suppliers are ISO-9002 certified and provide ASTM certification on the fabric you buy — not off-spec seconds to cut cost!
  • TenCate™ GT500 is specifically designed for filtration, having superior solids retention at high flow rates only found in Geotube® containers.
  • Geotube® containers have patented, circumferential seams that greatly enhance strength and greatly reduce failure probability, as opposed to sewing two pieces of fabric together using longitudinal seams.
  • Supporting technologies make Mineral Processing Services, LLC a turnkey supplier — making your project a success!
    • SmartFeed™ polymer system monitors flow and percent of solids, providing optimal real-time dose rates.
    • MaxFill™ automatically controls feed valves filling Geotube® containers to their design capacity.
    • GeoJacket™ allows operation of Geotube® containers in freezing weather.
Potential Applications

Power Plants

Pulp & Paper

Sewer Plants

Shoreline Protection