Retention Pond Maintenance Expertise and Services

A leading provider of retention pond maintenance services, the experts at Underwater Mineral Processing (UMPS) have the expertise and technology to help keep your retention pond clean, efficient, and compliant with all applicable regulations.

Offering a variety of retention pond maintenance services, including sludge and sediment dewatering, debris removal, dredge rental, and more, our team of experienced professionals can work with you to develop a custom retention pond maintenance plan that best meets your specific needs.

Why is Retention Pond Maintenance Critical?

Retention ponds play an important role in stormwater management, as they collect and store water runoff. Without proper maintenance, retention ponds can become clogged with sediment and debris, reducing their capacity to store stormwater. Retention pond maintenance is essential for stabilizing banks, as well as:

  • Reducing flood risk
  • Improving water quality
  • Complying with regulations
  • Extending the lifespan of the pond
  • Improving aesthetics
  • Creating healthy conditions for wildlife
  • Reducing mosquitos and other pests which can transmit disease
Potential Applications

Power Plants

Pulp & Paper

Sewer Plants

Shoreline Protection


A lack of retention pond maintenance can also contribute to the buildup of pollutants that over time can be released into the environment, harming aquatic life and water quality. Regular maintenance can help prevent all of these problems.

UMPS’ Advanced Technologies Deliver Results

UMPS’ retention pond maintenance services are designed to remove sediment and other debris, which can improve the performance and lifespan of your retention pond. Our team of knowledgeable operators can safely and efficiently remove sediment from retention ponds of any size, using a variety of equipment and machinery, both mechanical and hydraulic.

Our Geotube® containers are a long-lasting and cost-effective way to dewater and consolidate sludge from retention ponds. Using long, cylindrical tubes made of a geotextile fabric, Geotube® dewatering technology offers many advantages over traditional retention pond maintenance methods, including:

  • Faster dewatering rates
  • Higher solids content
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Portability and flexibility

Often used in conjunction with Geotube® dewatering technology, our MaxFill® Geotube® Manifold Feed Systems can help increase the efficiency of retention pond maintenance by automatically adjusting the feed rate of dredged materials, helping to reduce overall project time and cost.

A geotextile fabric that can be used to create a temporary or permanent barrier on the bottom of a retention pond, the GeoBlanket™ can help prevent erosion and sediment buildup, and can also be used to contain dredged material. The GeoBlanket™ can be used in both cold and warm environments and is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures. In cold conditions, the fabric can help prevent ice from forming on the bottom of a retention pond, improving the flow of water and reducing the risk of flooding. In contrast in warm conditions, the fabric can help prevent the water in the pond from evaporating, helping to conserve water and can aid in reducing the growth of algae and other aquatic plants, which can improve the pond’s water quality.

If you are looking for high effectively retention pond maintenance services, contact UMPS today to learn more about our Geotube® dewatering technology, as well as our technical support and equipment.

Benefits for a Broad Range of Industries

The retention pond maintenance services provided by our Underwater Mineral Processing specialists are applicable across a range of industries, including manufacturing, municipalities, agriculture, power plants, construction, oil and gas, mining, and more. Consider the following benefits and reach out to our experts with project insights for your specific industry, as we can help:

  • manufacturers remove pollutants from their wastewater and comply with effluent discharge standards.
  • municipalities reduce stormwater runoff and improve the quality of their water supplies.
  • farmers to manage their irrigation runoff and prevent agricultural pollutants from entering waterways.
  • power plants to comply with environmental regulations and protect their cooling water systems from sediment buildup.
  • construction companies to manage sediment runoff from their sites and prevent erosion.
  • oil and gas companies reduce environmental impact of their operations and comply with regulations.
  • mining companies to manage their wastewater and prevent the release of pollutants into the environment.

Our operators and specialists have the experience and expertise to provide tailored retention pond maintenance solutions for any industry. Connect with us and let’s talk.

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