Rapid Dewatering Test

The Rapid Dewatering Test is the first test in the SmartFeed™ Steps To Success methodology.

RDT Geotube Swatch Test
Flocculated slurry is poured into the Geotube® swatch tester, to check the dewatering rate of the sample.

RDT testing uses a small sample (usually, 500 ml) of your project’s sludge or slurry. We use that sample to determine the proper chemical program (polymers) to apply to your project, and the base dosing rate that is most appropriate for the characteristics of your slurry / sludge.

We begin with a full chemical analysis of your slurry. That analysis indicates which polymers are most likely to be successful in achieving correct flocculation.

Next, we condition a part of the sample with the selected polymers, checking the resulting floc to ensure the chemical conditioning program.

Then, we mount a test swatch of the Geotube® engineered textile we intend to use in your project into a custom funnel, and pour the test floc into it, measuring the drainage characteristics.

We continue this process until the chemical program for your slurry is confirmed and we have established a baseline for the next Step To Success, the P-GDT test.

Download the RDT brochure for more information.