Pressure-Geotube® Dewatering Test

The Pressure-Geotube® Dewatering Test — a scale mockup of your dewatering project — is the second of the SmartFeed™ Steps To Success.

Using a 55-gallon sample of your project’s actual slurry, the P-GDT test simulates full-scale dewatering conditions at your site.

Starting with the chemical program established by the Rapid Dewatering Test (RDT), the P-GDT applies operational pressures and simulates the expected pumping rate of your project’s slurry during actual dewatering.

Through the P-GDT, baseline measurements can be established as to the proper dosing rates for your chemical conditioning program. Additionally, baseline data is collected which will be used in the Geotube® Estimators to predict the amount of polymer you will need; the proper size, weave and positioning of the Geotube® containers to be used in your project; and projections of the overall efficiency of your chemical program.

You can learn more about the steps involved in the P-GDT test by downloading our P-GDT brochure (PDF format).

You can also learn about why the P-GDT test is superior to traditional hanging-bag dewatering tests by reading our PDF on the differences between the two tests.