Case Studies – UMPS Sediment & Sludge Dewatering Solutions

The experts at Underwater Mineral Processing understand the challenges faced in various industries, from wastewater treatment plants and industrial lagoons to stormwater management and dredging operations. Explore our case studies highlighting the success of UMPS’ innovative sediment and sludge dewatering solutions, and how our technology and has helped organizations achieve drier solids, reduce disposal costs and optimize their operations.

All case studies are PDF documents that will open in a new web browser window. 

Brookhaven National Labs: Dewatering aerobic and anaerobic sludge from on-site wastewater plant  


Kennecott Mine: Tailings dewatering and mineral reclamation

East River, NYC: Dredged solids dewatering; treated effluent direct discharge to river

Weymouth, MA Harbor: Dewatering metals-contaminated dredged solids

Novelis Tunnel De-Silting: Complete processing plant including clarifier/thickener, SmartFeed chemical processing and GeoTube engineered textiles 

Leverage Our Sediment and Sludge Dewatering Expertise 

UMPS offers a comprehensive suite of services, including sediment removal, erosion control, and retention pond maintenance to help businesses and municipalities of all sizes meet their environmental goals and stay compliant with regulations. Contact our team today about your sediment and sludge dewatering project needs and we will be in touch shortly. 

Potential Applications

Power Plants

Pulp & Paper

Sewer Plants

Shoreline Protection