Project Reporting & Risk Management

Each SmartFeed™ application includes full performance reporting for each Geotube® container in the project, and provides a tool for effective risk management.

Each Geotube® container’s performance in a SmartFeed™ application is measured in real time. Data can be exported to charting programs such as Microsoft Excel, or to databases for further reporting.

Many polymer-assisted dewatering projects rely not only on accurate estimations and predictable results, but also measurable outcomes — proof positive that the project’s chemical conditioning program was a success, and quantifiable evidence, throughout the dewatering program, that the project is on track and operating as expected.

The SmartFeed™ system marks a major step forward in risk management and total quality management for dewatering projects, providing the metrics you need to demonstrate proper project management to your stakeholders.

The SmartFeed™ system measures, in real time, the performance of each Geotube® container in the project. It can provide daily reporting of project progress and end-of-project data that consistently match project expectations. That data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for charting purposes, or to other database programs for further analysis.

Before the SmartFeed™ system , there were few methods to either reliably predict dewatering performance or to ensure a dewatering project was on track to meet its goals, be the measure in time, expense or effectiveness. Now, the SmartFeed™ system’s very design makes metrics and measurements integral parts of the dewatering process.

Sample project metrics are available by request. Just contact us.