Lagoon Pumping & Dredging

With a focus on environmentally friendly, cutting-edge technology, Underwater Mineral Processing delivers customized solutions for lagoon pumping and dredging to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether it is revitalizing a freshwater pond or managing sediment in a river channel, our specialists are committed to excellence in every project we undertake.

At UMPS, we understand that lagoons are essential aquatic ecosystems found all around the world, which provide vital habitats for a diverse range of flora and fauna, while serving critical applications in transportation, energy, agriculture, and manufacturing. Over time, lagoons can face challenges like sedimentation, pollution, and silt buildup. Our specialized lagoon pumping and dredging services help maintain and restore the health of these bodies of water, helping to ensure their longevity and ecological balance, while providing proper water holding, flow and overflow controls.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our team of experienced operators can safely and efficiently pump and dredge lagoons of any size. We use a variety of equipment and machinery, both mechanical and hydraulic, to remove sediment, and have expert processes that ensure projects are completed on time, on-budget and in accordance with regulatory requirements. After first assessing the specific needs of your project, our team can recommend the best type of pump or dredge equipment and processes to use to facilitate the best outcome.

Potential Applications

Power Plants

Pulp & Paper

Sewer Plants

Shoreline Protection


UMPS also uses our Geotextile dewatering tubes, a well-established technology for sediment removal and processing, to take lagoon pumping and dredging to the next level. Depending on your specific project requirements, we can also enhance this technology with a range of supporting solutions, including Geotube® textile dewatering structures and the Smartfeed® chemical conditioning system.

Our integrated technologies support hydraulic dredging operations in lagoons, pits and ponds, as well as facilitate diver hand-vacuum sediment removal and processing around water intake structures.

No matter how challenging your project, you can trust UMPS to provide efficient and effective sediment management while preserving the integrity of aquatic environments. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Benefits Across a Wide Variety of Industries

The lagoon pumping and dredging services provided by our Underwater Mineral Processing specialists are applicable across a range of industries. Our team can help you plan an optimal approach to achieve a range of benefits, including:

  • Agriculture proper lagoon management helps agricultural industries manage water levels in farm ponds and lagoons, preventing flooding during heavy rains and ensuring adequate water supply during dry periods. Additionally, dredging of nutrient-rich sediment from runoff lagoons can then be recycled and used as fertilizer, promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Marine sediment dewatering and dredging services play a crucial role in maintaining navigation channel, ensuring safe and unobstructed passage for ships and vessels. These processes can also  stabilize shorelines, protecting coastal areas from erosion, while preserving important marine ecosystems.
  • Power Plants – UMPS can remove ash and other debris from lagoons at power plants, helping to maintain water quality, meeting generator discharge permits.
  • Pulp & Paper dredging services help clear sediment buildup in water intake areas, preventing clogging and optimizing water quality used in the production process.

Speak With Our Lagoon Pumping and Dredging Experts

Contact our team or spec your project today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how our lagoon pumping and dredging services can contribute to the success of your projects.