Sediment and Sludge Dewatering Services and Support Equipment

Underwater Mineral Processing, LLC (UMPS) offers a variety of sediment and sludge dewatering services for an array of industries, including wastewater treatment, mining, and industrial manufacturing. Our robust sludge dewatering services and equipment can help you reduce waste volume, improve water quality, and save money on disposal costs. Explore more about our services:

Lagoon Pumping and Dredging
Lagoons require maintenance over time. Our specialized lagoon pumping and dredging services help to maintain and restore these bodies of water, ensuring their longevity, ecological balance, and proper water holding, flow, and overflow controls.

Retention Pond Maintenance
Among UMPS’ sludge dewatering services, regular retention pond maintenance helps your pond perform better and last longer by removing sediment and debris. Our knowledgeable team of operators can safely and efficiently remove sediment from retention ponds of any size, using both mechanical and hydraulic dredge equipment.

Technical Solutions and Equipment

Using advanced dewatering technologies, including Geotube® containers and the patent-pending SmartFeed™ sludge dewatering system, our experienced team can help you choose the right methods and equipment for your specific project requirements and budget, including:

Potential Applications

Power Plants

Pulp & Paper

Sewer Plants

Shoreline Protection

  • SmartFeed™ Chemical Conditioning Systems this smart sludge dewatering system automatically calculates and adjusts polymer dosing rates to meet project parameters in real time.
  • GeoBlanket™ an environmentally-friendly way to dewater sediment, sludge and slurry, the GeoBlanket™ requires minimal equipment and labor and can help reduce polymer costs.
  • MaxFill® Geotube® Manifold Feed Systems designed with a pressure sensor that monitors pressure in each Geotube® container and automatically adjusts the feed rate to ensure that all containers are filled evenly.
  • Geotube® Application Testing Services this suite of services are offered to help our clients assess the suitability of Geotube® containers for their unique project needs, and test a variety of factors, including Geotube® material compatibility, filling and dewatering performance and structural integrity.
  • Clarifier Rental UMPS offers portable clarifiers to help with projects with high dredge flow rates and low solids concentrations that exceed the hydraulic capacity of a Geotube® container.

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Reach out to our team and let’s discuss your sludge dewatering services needs. We look forward to speaking with you.