SmartFeed™ Sludge Dewatering System

SmartFeed™ Serves You

When your slurry dewatering project calls for polymers, you need the patent-pending SmartFeed™sludge dewatering system. Each SmartFeed™ application is custom-tailored to the slurry or sludge at that project site. Your dewatering project’s real-world conditions determine SmartFeed’s™ settings. The SmartFeed™ sludge dewatering system’s real-time processing makes sure your slurry receives the proper dosing of a chemical program that best serves your project’s needs, throughout the entire project.

The SmartFeed™ sludge watering system was built to serve projects where time and precision cannot be sacrificed. It is fully scalable and improves the performance of almost any polymer-assisted dewatering program.

SmartFeed™ Starts With Science

No more guesswork, no more hoping for the right polymer mix, no more disappointing results because project parameters changed.

The patent-pending SmartFeed™ sludge dewatering system tells you which polymers to use and how much you’ll need. It calculates proper dosing rates and adjusts those rates automatically to meet project parameters in real time.

SmartFeed’s™ Tests = Your Success

Samples of your project’s slurry are tested to ensure the SmartFeed® sludge dewatering system calculates peak performance parameters that serve your project.

The Rapid Dewatering Test (RDT), made with a small sample of your slurry, determines which polymers and dose rate will best serve your project’s needs. The Pressure-Geotube® Dewatering Test (P-GDT) uses a larger sample of your slurry to confirm polymer dose rates and project the mass-balance the SmartFeed™ system will maintain.

Those tests serve as the baseline for the SmartFeed™ system — values that will preserve operational parameters in your full-scale dewatering project.

SmartFeed™ Keeps Your Project Flowing

Working with proven computer models, the SmartFeed™ system’s patent-pending technology monitors several slurry parameters that affect Geotube® container performance, adjusting for changes in project conditions in real time.

The result is consistently correct polymer dosing even when certain factors — such as slurry flow rate, density, percent dry solids, coarse grain size percentage, polymer shear or pH — are in flux.

The SmartFeed™ sludge dewatering system reports processing parameters for each Geotube® container on site and reveals filtrate quality for each Geotube® container, too!

SmartFeed™ Benefits Almost Any Dewatering Project

The SmartFeed™ sludge dewatering  system can be used in virtually any dewatering project that calls for polymers. It’s been employed successfully in dewatering dredged sediments, mine runoff, power plant lagoons, nuclear power plant cooling bays and water and wastewater lagoons.

If you have a complex dredging or diving operation that needs polymer and total quality management reporting, you need the SmartFeed™ system.

Leverage Our Sludge Dewatering System Expertise

For expert advice and guidance on the SmartFeed™ sludge dewatering system, reach out to our team of experienced professionals. Contact us today and let us help you optimize your slurry and sludge management process efficiently and effectively.