Portable Clarifier Rental

UMPS offers portable clarifier rental for assisting in projects with high dredge flow rates containing low solids concentration exceeding the hydraulic capacity design of a Geotube® container. UMPS portable clarifiers can provide gross water and solids separation. The thickened underflow of the clarifier would be fed to the Geotube® containers enhancing higher solids retention and drier final product.

UMPS SmartFeed™ Portable Clarifier / Paste Thickener

Whether you need temporary support during routine maintenance or a powerful solution for demanding industrial processes, our portable clarifier rental services can elevate your operation’s efficiency and performance.

Application Notes:

  • When a project requires temporary clarifier support to allow maintenance or repairs of a customer’s existing clarifier.
  • Capacity design: 2,000 gpm with 8″ feed line and 10″ overflow pipe.
  • Internal feed manifold design for velocity reduction with a residence volume of 17,400 gallons.
  • Deep cone design greatly increases solids over horizontal tank clarifier designs. Consolidation of solids enhanced by compression paddles in the cone, creating higher solids than horizontal tank design.
  • Design uses flume baffles for velocity reduction, removing the need for incline plates that clog and require frequent cleaning.
  • Computer controlled unloading of thickened solids at desired slurry density.

Clarifier Operating in Conjunction With Geotube® Containers :

  • Hydraulic capacity of each clarifier 1,200 gpm
  • Clarifier designed for mineral applications
  • Clarifier provides continues operation of pumping during Geotube® container filling phase
  • Clarifier provides consistence fed solids to the Geotube® containers, providing drier product
  • Clarifier can be set up in 2 days
    • Site requirement: 20’ x 50’ hard level pad
    • Site requirement: Power 480 volts 3 phase 60 amps

Contact UMPS for Reliable Portable Clarifier Rental Services

Unlock the power of Geotube® dewatering with the agility of our portable clarifier rental services. Our dredging experts’ extensive knowledge can help you select a suitable portable clarifier based on your unique project requirements, site conditions, and desired solids concentration. We’ll ensure you have the ideal equipment for maximizing GeoTube® performance and minimizing environmental impact.

Contact us to discuss your portable clarifier rental needs. We look forward to speaking with you.

    Potential Applications

    Power Plants

    Pulp & Paper

    Sewer Plants

    Shoreline Protection