Spec Your Project

    Your Information

    Step 2 - Project Information

    Please provide as much information about your project as you can.

    1. What are the dimensions of the dredging or pump-out area(s)?

    6. Is the material compacted in any way?

    9a. Do you have any experience pumping this material?

    10a. Is the material Ambient temp?

    11. Does the material tend to emulsify?

    12a. Is the material caustic, acidic, corrosive, or hazardous in any way?

    13. Is the material abrasive?

    14. Are there any obstructions in the lagoon/pond?

    15a. Is there any debris in the lagoon/pond such as rocks, branches, metal scraps, etc.?

    Step 3 -- More Project Information

    16a. Is there any aquatic growth in the lagoon/pond?

    17a. Does the lagoon have a liner?

    18. Describe any special safety precautions required at your site (i.e., fire retardant clothing, chemical resistant equipment, etc.):

    22. What size of solids are present?

    24. What utilities are available on-site (electric 480 Volts 3 Phase) & (water)?

    25a. Has this material been dewatered before?

    25b. If Yes:

    26a. Is polymer being used on site now ?

    27. Is the application fresh water, brackish water or salt water?

    28. What is the hours of operation daily ?

    29. What is the area available for Geotube® containers lay down area?

    30. When do you need this information?

    What is the date of your project?

    31. Discharge water treatment needs can only be accessed by a MPS lab study. The following sludge sample must be provided for testing if this evaluation is required.

    Potential Applications

    Power Plants

    Pulp & Paper

    Sewer Plants

    Shoreline Protection