Geotube® Estimators

The Geotube® Estimators are the third of the SmartFeed™ Steps To Success, and establish the guidelines for your polymer-aided dewatering project.

The proprietary algorithms in the Geotube® Esitmators take the data established from the Pressure-Geotube® Dewatering Test (P-GDT) and “scales-up” the figures to your full project specifications.

In addition to computing the proper size, weave and positioning of the Geotube® containers for your project, the Estimators also compute the total amount of polymer needed for your project; the expected dry solids capture rate for your project; and a base timeline for the project to complete.

This data is then fed into the SmartFeed™ trailer’s computer, which adjusts its settings in real time, to match real-world conditions on the job site, and keep project results in line with the specifications generated by the Estimators.

The SmartFeed™ unit uses baselines established by the Geotube® Estimators to establish operational parameters.