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Technical & Support Equipment

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Geotube® Application Testing Services

Geotube® Application Testing Services

MPS provides the following Geotube® application testing options:

Send A Sample

MPS offers free lab testing for Geotube® applications review at our facility. When MPS receives a 5-gallon sample of the institu product for testing, you will receive a reply within two weeks. We will provide you with discussion of application at your project site, along with an estimated cost of Geotube® containers and support equipment rental cost offered by MPS.

On-Site Testing

Applications may require testing on-site due to volume or containments within the waste that prevent shipping to our lab. A nominal charge will apply. MPS offers two options to best meet your project goals:

Tailgate Skid Unit

It's a unique mobile filtration skid design attached to our service trucks. That allows testing of various Geotube® filter fabric options with a pre-screened chemical program to attain optimum filtration rates, solids capture and filtrate quality. Skids are equipped with a 45-gallon, variable-speed mix tank, hand-operated 2" diaphragm pump, 1-cubic-foot capacity MiniTube™ and clear-filtrate collection container. Test results will provide Geotube® container sizing for the application tested.

Lab Trailer Unit

Our mobile lab trailer provides additional analytical methods for evaluating waste stream characteristics and application/dewatering technologies. Equipment is capable of simulations for clarifiers, screens, belt filter press, recess chamber and Geotube® applications. Engineering firms and/or end users utilize these tests to establish methods for design/build or remediation using these technologies.

Testing Applications



  • Shaker Screen Particle Size Analysis
  • Density
  • Vibratory Screen
  • Clarifier Performance @ Hydraulic Rates
  • Recess Chamber Production Rates
  • Belt Filter Press Production Rates
  • Geotube® Filtration & Sizing
  • T.S.S. Filtrate Analysis
  • Dry Solids Analysis
  • Filter Cake Compaction Testing
  • Filter Cake Paint Filter Test
  • pH
  • Chemical Flocculation Program
  • Turbidity
  • Ammonia (Nitrogen)
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Iron (total)
  • Nitrate (Nitrogen)
  • Phosphate

Testing Equipment Images

Tailgate Skid Unit Mounted
Tailgate Skid Unit - Mounted
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