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Finally, A Technology That Allows Use Of Geotube® Containers In Cold-Weather Applications!


  • The GeoBlanket™ electric blanket designed for Geotube® dewatering applications
  • The power source only requires 120 volts grounded power supply
  • GeoBlanket™ electric blanket is waterproof
  • Its has an opening for Geoport 8” flanges, based on stock Geotube® designs
  • Its design incorporates the Mirafi® drainage grid, providing an interface for air and water movement between the heater surface of the blanket and Geotube® fabric surface
Geoblanket Sketch Geoblanket Photo
End view sketch:
of GeoBlanket™ installed on Geotube® container
Photo cross section:
Showing drainage grid interspace
between Geotube® textile and GeoBlanket™
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GeoBlanket™ electric blankets can maintain the dewatering process of a Geotube® container operating in 0°F abinate temperature!

How Do I Order GeoBlanket™?

We offer GeoBlankets™ either for purchase or rental. Call or e-mail Jim Meagher: 207-741-2955

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Questions? Call James E. Meagher, 207-741-2955
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